Would you be impressed by a dingy corner…?

Consider a situation where you are planning a vacation and thus are looking out for possible stay options. In the process you check out various properties and as per your budget and regional requirements, shortlist a few. Of these properties, going by the description, you really end up liking a particular one.

It has a pool and a bar and playroom and thus you are tempted to stay. The last step is checking out the reviews. Apparently, others who have stayed there before remark that it was a decent place but lights were kind of inappropriate. For a split second you are confused but then because there are other options, you simply skip this one.

Similar is the case of property appraisals. Home buyers have abundant choices and as you are aware, though the market is improving, yet it is still a buyer’s market. As the seller, you cannot really afford to take any chances, especially when it comes to the look and feel of your property. Dingy ambience is clearly an aversion. Property appraisers might not chose to admit it, but it is a natural tendency to estimate better prices for a property that is bright and nicely lightened up.

To this end, the paint of the house plays an important role. Researches have confirmed that getting the property painted just before the appraisal and sale proceedings helps attain impressive figures. On the other hand, if the walls are stained and the plaster is all set to fall off from the roof, a lower appraisal figure is certain.

Basically, the perceived value of the property changes with light. In other words, focusing on the illumination part of the house would enlighten the prospects of a quick and favorable sale.