Who says New York sellers do not need appraisers?

It is often heard that buyers and lenders require the services of New York appraisers and sellers need not bother about this service. Yes, buyers do often contact New York property appraisers because they need to get a realistic quote for the property they wish to buy. Likewise, even lenders in New York seek appraiser services, because they want to ensure that the loan amount they will provide against a property is justified. But this does not mean that a seller is not in need of such appraiser services.

There are two main reasons for which sellers too need New York appraisers. One, hiring a New York appraiser means that as a seller, you get a realistic picture. The New York appraiser will give you a detailed appraisal report for the property.  Based upon this report, you can conveniently work out the asking price.

At later stages, even if buyers and lenders get the property appraised, they will get similar results and thus there will be no hiccups affecting the sale proceedings. Moreover, the asking price backed by the New York appraiser’s report will be considered more credible and it will thus attract more buyers. As a seller of a property in New York, appraisals reports bestow you more authority and choice.

Secondly, with the New York appraisers working out a fair price for your real estate asset, future planning is much easier. When you know the true worth of your property, you can realistically plan for your expenses ahead. Post sale, you know what you will earn and you can decide how to spend it; all thanks to New York appraisers!