The truth behind free online NY appraisals

A lot of websites claim that they specialize in NY appraisals and they are more than happy to assist. Even more, for the NY appraisal services they do not charge. Rather it’s a package deal where if you sign for few related services, you get free NY appraisal reports. The deal appears fair and economical. I mean at negligible cost, you get estimates for your property’s valuation.

However, this is not the complete scenario. Most often, these websites which claim to extend free NY appraisals end up extending guess reports. Basically, when you apply for such appraisals for your NY property, you are asked to fill in a detailed form. This form seeks details regarding your property and based upon the information that you provide, a rough estimate is worked out. Call it estimation or guess work; the results are simply useless because they are far from accurate. Each property has its own salient features and till the time an expert closely reviews, it is not possible to generate an accurate NY appraisal report. In fact, if you intend to sell your property or have other intentions, just get the structure appraised from a credible NY appraisals company or professional. Differences in result will help you understand better.

Also, you would be interested to know that these free online NY appraisal reports are not accepted by banks and lending institutions and courts or any other legalized setup. In fact, even a prospective buyer or an agent will not commence the sale and purchase dealings, based upon these low cost computer generated NY appraisal reports. Would you still choose to waste time with the free appraisers?