Staten Island Appraisals

Our local appraiser has over 8 years of experience appraising in Staten Island. His familiarity with Staten Island’s many diverse neighborhoods is invaluable knowledge when providing accurate real estate appraisals.  This is because Staten island is a very unique borough. First of all it is very far away from all the other boroughs with the exception of certain areas of Brooklyn. This makes this area unappealing for appraisers.  We have acquired a number of clients solely on our willingness to appraise here.   There is also a $13 toll which is another negative factor for appraisers outside of Staten Island. The Verrazano Bridge is very large and high up which is also unappealing due to bridge traffic and potential height phobias. (my colleague has one and refuses to cross that bridge)

The borough is suburban/urban and has great diversity in neighborhoods. There are many nice and upscale neighborhoods such as Todd Hill & Grymes Hill and also old and rundown ones such as Port Richmond & Mariners Harbor. The Landfills in Staten Island could be considered a negative influence of living there even though there aren’t any residential neighborhoods around the area.

Once there, it’s fairly easy to appraise in Staten Island as the comps are close together and the sizes/shapes are pretty straight forward. The MLS function out there is very good while approximately 95% of all homes are listed with great detail. Occasionally one can come across a neighborhood where there has been limited sale activity within the past year. This is a problem which arises every now and then and when this is the case the appraiser must exceeds time/distance guidelines and make the necessary adjustments for neighborhood and market conditions.