Property improvements aspects that just cannot be ignored

Expecting a visit from a licensed property appraiser, here are a few things you really need to look at.

i.                     The place needs to be totally ready and that can only happen if all nooks and corners are absolutely clean. Thus, begin the exercise by taking a close look at your property. Step into the shoes of an appraiser and scrutinize as if you are analyzing a place you have seen for the first time. Now take notes of whatever untidy spots you notice and get them cleaned.

ii.                   Talking about clutter, do not just look inside. The yard is quite important. An outsider, be it the property appraiser or a prospective buyer will be tilted in your favor, if he is welcomed by clean and green surroundings.

iii.                  While you check out the cluttered parts, you’ll also stumble upon places that could do well with a little patch work. Note these as well. If with a little fixing you can improve the face value of your property, work at it.

iv.                 Make sure the place is nicely lightened up. Light colors do not just render a smoothening appearance but they also make the place look spacious. Darker tones on the other hand tend to work at thinning the perceived geographical boundaries.

v.                   Eliminate the extra elements and this includes the furniture, pests and for that matter even pets. During an appraisal visit, you don’t want your dog to litter around and mess up the place.

vi.                 Make sure all taps are fixed and there are no leakages. Jammed pipes might not apparently seem important but they certainly kill the freshness and that irritates the evaluator and the buyer alike.