Property appraisers in Nassau – it is important to appraise your appraiser!

Our local appraiser has over 12 years of experience appraising in Nassau county. His familiarity with Nassau’s many diverse neighborhoods is invaluable knowledge when providing accurate real estate appraisals.  You must make sure to choose an experienced and knowledgeable appraiser, not just any random one you may find online.

When a Nassau property appraisal reports seem faulty or vague, clients conveniently blame property appraisers in Nassau. At one go, we label the entire Nassau property appraiser community as incompetent. We establish that they hardly know what they’re doing. However, do you think that this blaming game will help anyone? After all, even if you are not very delighted with the appraisal results, you know they will affect you. Important decisions rely upon these appraisal reports. Thus, by merely complaining about property appraisers in Nassau, you cannot achieve much. What is the solution then?

The solution can be achieved in two simple steps. One, do not go ahead with any random property appraiser in Nassau. This is to say that when you select an appraisal company, do make sure that they are located on Long Island, have all necessary software and have many years experience.  Finding an FHA certified appraiser will help too.

Second part of the solution has to come from you. When a property appraiser visits your Nassau property, it is pertinent that you show him around and thus educate. It is your house and you have been living in it for years. Thus, for an outsider to actually grasp the positives of your property in a single visit, without your assistance, is difficult. Therefore, when the property is being appraised, try and be around. Make sure that the appraiser is comfortable and every nook and corner of your property is reachable. Try and keep the place clean and make sure that you inform the Nassau appraiser about your property’s salient features. To understand better, treat the situation as if your property is being interviewed by the appraiser and you are the interpreter. This is especially relevant if an appraiser from another county is appraising your Nassau property.