Minor changes, major impact

Dramatic twists and turns in the appraisal saga are a norm now. News like reappraisals led to increased property valuations by 15-25% have been doing the rounds. With such flowery revelations, one is forced to think if it is really possible to earn higher property appraisal figures in New York, without actually shelling out a fortune.  Well yes, it is possible and we are not just making random recommendations; our assertions are supported by personal experience.

As established property appraisers in New York and various other counties, we have got ample opportunities to review a number of properties. Properties with almost similar technicalities have been priced differently and that is essentially because owners have treated their land differently. With a few minor changes here and there, way has been paved for major improvements.

Minor in this case corresponds to the associated money. A general presumption is that in order to make any reasonable modifications to the property and thus expect improved appraisal remarks, one must be willing to spend quite an amount. This however is not true. A property appraiser is not actually looking out for expensive curtains or stylishly painted walls. Rather, we are impressed by properties that are clean and well maintained.

Stain free look is what essentially matters here. Be it the curtains or the walls, if there are marks of discoloration or the plaster is chipping off, it’ll be a turn off. On the other hand, if the property is neat and tidy, everything is neatly stacked in its place and the things are working to satisfaction, objective attained.

Thus, what you need to do is shift focus. Instead of looking at major expensive renovations, work at improving the overall look and feel of the property by ensuring total cleanliness and order.