Market in transition, Suffolk County appraiser may seek time extension

We usually guarantee a specific time period for generation of an appraisal report. Be it the Suffolk County or Nassau County or any other region, our appraisers work efficiently to generate precise appraisal reports, within the committed timeframe. However, if this happens to be the transition period i.e., if an appraisal report is required during times when the Suffolk County property market is experiencing a price hike or is being adversely affected, the appraisal exercise might just need an extension.

Appraisals are based upon historic data. Appraisers in Suffolk County, to assess the value of a property in question, demark an area surrounding this property and identify recently completed comparable sales. Thus, the prices of properties which have been traded in close vicinity, serve as assessment sample. If the market is in transition, say prices are increasing, the appraisal report might still end up with lower estimates because recently traded properties were sold at a lower tag. To cover up this gap, the appraiser needs more data and in such cases, comps considered so far, might prove inadequate. The process thus deserves more attention and time.

At Home Land Appraisers, our focus is on generating comprehensive reports. If you have trusted us with the task of property appraisals in Suffolk or any other county, we intend to ensure that we provide the most reliable services. To this end, even if we have to repeatedly indulge in the process of information collation or assessment, we take the effort. Our purpose is extending professional consultancy services and we leave no stone unturned to ensure complete accuracy of the reports we generate.