Leave no room for shocks!

Steve was planning to relocate and so he decided to sell off his Nassau property. After discussing the matter with his family members, Steve worked out a sale price for his property, which he thought was justified. He then contacted a few agents and got his property listed. The property was in good condition and thus soon he started getting queries from various buyers.

After the initial discussions, he short listed a few buyers and fixed an appointment with them. The first buyer who came to see the property was accompanied by a Nassau property appraiser. The property appraiser in Nassau asked Steve to suffice property related documents and he inspected the place and the then they left. Steve was happy with the meeting and he thought that soon the sale would finalize. In fact, he had already started checking properties in another region, which he intended to buy with this money.

After a few days, the buyer declined the offer; reason, the property was over priced by about 15%! Steve was shocked. He was prepared to negotiate a bit, but this was huge difference.

Steve was shocked and his plans had floundered because he hadn’t worked out a realistic asking price for his property. This is a mistake many owners often commit. We love the place which belongs to us and thus when we determine the asking price, we are unable to leave our emotions aside.

But when property appraisers come up with their valuation, it is scientifically calculated. Thus, as a seller, if you’d like to avoid any delays in sale proceedings at later stage, because the property is not worth its asking price, it is best that you consult Nassau property appraisers.