Is unbiased opinion of any value?

During a property dealing in Nassau, buyer is often accompanied by many people. They are all there to caution the buyer. It seems that the whole world is out there to protect a buyer from paying more. The slump in the housing market is to be credited for this situation. However, because the housing market is not currently booming, does it implies that as a seller you end up selling your asset at a falsely depreciated value? Just because there is a team to protect buyer from paying more, should you actually be selling short? Or in fact do you even know what the actual value of your property is?

Over the years we have been directly involved in the real estate sale and purchase proceedings in Nassau. We have noticed that though the buyer, before buying a property consults Nassau appraisers, the seller blindly trusts the broker. If the broker says that the price is right, his word is the final commandment. But why, why are sellers not cross checking broker’s judgement? After all, a broker has no stakes involved in the deal. In fact the earlier he is able to crack the deal, sooner will he get his commissions. Thus, he has every reason to suggest a price, which will be lower than other such properties in market. This cheaper tag will fuel up the sale proceedings and the broker will benefit. Not a profitable proposition for the seller … right?

Need of the hour in Nassau is an appraiser who can help evaluate the true value of a property. Not only the buyer but the seller too needs an unbiased opinion and only a professional Nassau appraiser can help with the objective.