Do you trust a puppet appraiser?

When it comes to property dealings in New York, appraiser plays a very important role. NY property appraiser checks the property and other similar properties in neighborhood and based upon different calculation, works on the estimated market value. This estimate as listed in the NY property appraisal report is quite crucial. A lot of decisions depend upon this report. When the findings are this important it is natural that at some stage, there will be attempts to generate misleading figures. This is where puppet appraisers come into action.

Puppet appraisers are those, who for the sake of their commissions confirm the values quoted by people who hire them. For example, take the case of a loan officer. The loan officer would like to loan out a certain amount, on his terms and conditions. Now if he could rope in an appraiser who would generate a slightly incorrect appraisal report, things would fall in place. The lender will have his terms laid out and as a borrower, you will be duped. This is just an illustration and in various situations, such misinterpretations could impact proceedings.

The only way to steer away from such puppet property appraisers in New York is to hire a credible and certified property appraisal firm. You cooperate with the lender’s appraiser and work on his report, but simultaneously hire an independent appraisal agency like Homeland appraisers and thus crosscheck the findings. Minor deviations are justified, but if the findings dramatically vary, you have all reasons to doubt. With a professional property appraisal agency working on the appraisal report, you would get accurate and timely results. The quick turn around time enables opportune decision.