Do you know your house?

What kind of a question is this … everybody recognizes their house. Yes, we all are familiar with our home. We know how it looks like and we know the color of the walls and the lawn; so what is it about knowing the house? Yes, you sure know your property, but have you ever looked at it, like a complete outsider?

When a property for sale is over priced, it is not always because the owner wants to extract as much money. But often, we have seen situations where in New York, owners on account of their emotional attachment with the property, end up working out a higher than market asking price. When for the same New York property, appraisals are conducted; sellers find it difficult to digest the findings. During the sale proceedings, agents or lending institutes hire prefrontal appraisers. These appraisers work out a price tag for the New York property in question and the disparity is created.

A home owner is attached to his property. Thus, during personal assessment stages, emotions tend to play a critical role. However, during the New York appraisal exercise, this facet is totally ignored and a more accurate figure is reached upon. Moreover, from New York appraisal perspective a number of factors are taken into consideration. It is unlikely that home owners are aware of all such technicalities.

Thus, when we ask if you know your house, we mean knowing its estimated market value. If you are planning to sell your house or intend to modify your mortgage terms, it is important that you get a clear picture. As New York appraisers we can assist you with the stated. Our professionals are adept at analyzing New York properties and thus preparing the appraisal reports.