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Buying directly from the owner … trust only NY appraisal reports!

For the sake of saving agent commissions, buyers are often tempted to buy property directly from the owners. Yes, the process does not involve any intermediaries and so whatever purchase amount is settled goes directly to the seller. However, this … Continue reading

Nassau county appraiser can help lower property taxes

Property values are declining and logically, as a reaction, property taxes too should decrease. However, for most Nassau County property owners only decreased property values are true. In other words, property owners in Nassau County rarely benefit from decreased property … Continue reading

Things that’ll be needed during New York appraisals

If you are planning to get your estate appraised, there will be a few documents and receipts the appraiser would require during the New York appraisal process. Appraisals in New York are an integral part of the property transaction. The … Continue reading

Who all need property appraisers in New York?

As New York property appraisers, we most frequently are contacted by three major groups. These are: i. Lenders and Financing Agents: Lenders and financing agents contact property appraisers in New York for appraising properties against which they need to issue … Continue reading

Prepare your Suffolk property for appraiser’s visit

If you are planning to sell your property and thus intend to call a Suffolk appraiser for appraisals, it is time to make some preparations. There’s not much that you need do to, but a little effort will perhaps help … Continue reading

How to initiate appraisals process in Brooklyn?

Appraisals in Brooklyn are needed for quite a few reasons. You might need Brooklyn appraisals for settling matters post divorce. Or you might be interested in establishing the value of the property a relative has left you. Another possible reason … Continue reading

Hire only licensed NY appraisers during probate

As an executor if you are looking for an NY appraiser to assist you during the probate proceedings, it might just help if you’ll understand the NY appraiser’s role in such cases. The estate and other assets, after the demise … Continue reading

3 most common ways of conducting property appraisals in New York

If you are considering buying or selling a property in New York, getting an appraisal report is a must. Now when you have to get involved with the process, it might help to actually understand the basic nitty-gritty and thus, … Continue reading

The truth behind free online NY appraisals

A lot of websites claim that they specialize in NY appraisals and they are more than happy to assist. Even more, for the NY appraisal services they do not charge. Rather it’s a package deal where if you sign for … Continue reading

Insurance irony of NY appraisals

Homeowners are often miffed with NY appraisers. This is because when they get their properties appraise for the purpose of home insurance, the insurance cost comes out to be much higher. This is despite the fact that in most cases, … Continue reading