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How are properties appraised in sale comparison appraisal technique?

Appraisers in New York usually follow the sale comparison approach to determine the market worth of a property. In this appraisal method, the appraiser takes recently sold properties into consideration. For the purposes, relevant region is ascertained. That is, an … Continue reading

Why pay more, when you can save tax with appraisal reports

Homeowners in Nassau often find themselves tied up in a scenario where they pay higher taxes, because the tax authorities overvalue their property, while in market, the property is not valued as much. The complication unearths when the Nassau property … Continue reading

What to expect from an NY appraisal firm during bankruptcy

In New York, during the bankruptcy proceedings, appraisal firms are required by the homeowners. When a person files a petition for bankruptcy, the courts requires it to be supported with a credible appraisal report and in NY, this is ideally … Continue reading

Leave no room for shocks!

Steve was planning to relocate and so he decided to sell off his Nassau property. After discussing the matter with his family members, Steve worked out a sale price for his property, which he thought was justified. He then contacted … Continue reading

Who says New York sellers do not need appraisers?

It is often heard that buyers and lenders require the services of New York appraisers and sellers need not bother about this service. Yes, buyers do often contact New York property appraisers because they need to get a realistic quote … Continue reading

Bronx property deals rely heavily upon Bronx appraisers

In Bronx, appraisers play a critical role in the property sale and purchase deals. Not only the buyers and sellers seek Bronx property appraiser’s assistance, but even lending institutions require Bronx appraiser, before making any loan commitments. It is based … Continue reading

You can influence the selling price of your property

Your home can make your neighbors envy. A few simple steps and you can ensure that your property is valued more than other options in vicinity. After all, if this endeavor can be achieved, the NY appraiser will have no … Continue reading

Save time during Brooklyn appraisals

If you intend to speedup the property appraisals process for your Brooklyn property, you need to seek assistance from two major sources. One, you have to a hire a totally professional Brooklyn appraisals agency and second, you have to seek … Continue reading

Details typically sought by New York property appraisers

While conducting appraisals, New York property appraisers follow a systematic procedure. The process has been developed over the years and it is aimed at calculating the current market value of the property in question. During the process, to estimate the … Continue reading

Do you know your house?

What kind of a question is this … everybody recognizes their house. Yes, we all are familiar with our home. We know how it looks like and we know the color of the walls and the lawn; so what is … Continue reading