The new strict lender … be prepared for stringent appraisal proceedings!

If you are expecting a seamless and quick appraisal process, there is news for you. Mortgage lenders are more cautious now and they intend to be precisely sure about the findings of the appraisal reports. The seriousness is evident from … Continue reading

Market in transition, Suffolk County appraiser may seek time extension

We usually guarantee a specific time period for generation of an appraisal report. Be it the Suffolk County or Nassau County or any other region, our appraisers work efficiently to generate precise appraisal reports, within the committed timeframe. However, if … Continue reading

Information is your right …

Information is your right … … Especially if it is about your property’s appraised value   Just because you are looking for a loan against your property, you need not meekly abide by the terms enlisted by the lender. The … Continue reading

Is work overload determining your property’s appraised value?

Property appraisers as it seems in New York, Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn and other areas are difficult to find. Not that there is any explicit shortage of such people, but if one is actually looking out for qualified and professional property … Continue reading

Plummeting property prices … it cannot happen to me!

New Yorkers are aware that property condition is bad but until and unless they directly indulge in a property sale or refinance process, reality is not as clearly visible. Only when a property appraiser comes out with an appraisal report, … Continue reading

Automated appraisal – do you trust the machine???

Submit your query online and get accurate appraisal report in a few hours or why waste time and energy, when you can generate the property appraisal report online? With the mushrooming growth of property appraisal agencies in NY, such adverts … Continue reading

Property appraisal is all the more tangled now!

A few years ago, not many were really bothered with the nuances of property appraisal procedures in NY. The finance company or the lender had a property appraisal company on board and their guys managed the task. Be it Bronx … Continue reading

The economics of real estate market

The markets in our world are governed by the rules of supply and demand and real estate market is no exception. The rule is pretty simple. If the demand is high and supply is short, prices go up to cover … Continue reading

Consequences of inflated appraisal in New York

When the weather was favorable, nobody bothered to check the ceiling. Now when the winds are high, there is no ceiling to check. When it comes to property appraisal, New York residents are facing a similar situation. Earlier, the housing … Continue reading

Do you trust a puppet appraiser?

When it comes to property dealings in New York, appraiser plays a very important role. NY property appraiser checks the property and other similar properties in neighborhood and based upon different calculation, works on the estimated market value. This estimate … Continue reading