Need to settle an estate … New York appraisers can assist!

Post death of an individual, until and unless the will makes it clear that the living spouse shall have all rights to the assets, estate gets probated. In such cases, the deceased appoints an executor (name mentioned in the will … Continue reading

Consequences of deflated appraisal in New York

Like an inflated appraisal can cause problems, deflated appraisal figures of properties in New York too are an issue. First of all, if the property’s appraisal value is not as per expectations, the owner faces problems during the sale proceedings. … Continue reading

The value of neighbourhood in home purchase

Two houses covering absolutely same area, made totally identical, using the same set of raw materials, in exactly the same condition carry different price tags, because they are located in different neighbourhoods. The real estate market is a slave of … Continue reading

What typically leads to a second appraisal?

A close study of property appraisal trends in NY in recent times have indicated that instances of second appraisal are on a steep rise. That is, in various deals, the property on sale is being reappraised. In fact a lot … Continue reading

Is unbiased opinion of any value?

During a property dealing in Nassau, buyer is often accompanied by many people. They are all there to caution the buyer. It seems that the whole world is out there to protect a buyer from paying more. The slump in … Continue reading

Property improvements aspects that just cannot be ignored

Expecting a visit from a licensed property appraiser, here are a few things you really need to look at. i.                     The place needs to be totally ready and that can only happen if all nooks and corners are absolutely clean. … Continue reading

Would you be impressed by a dingy corner…?

Consider a situation where you are planning a vacation and thus are looking out for possible stay options. In the process you check out various properties and as per your budget and regional requirements, shortlist a few. Of these properties, … Continue reading

Minor changes, major impact

Dramatic twists and turns in the appraisal saga are a norm now. News like reappraisals led to increased property valuations by 15-25% have been doing the rounds. With such flowery revelations, one is forced to think if it is really … Continue reading

Market in transition, Suffolk County appraiser may seek time extension

We usually guarantee a specific time period for generation of an appraisal report. Be it the Suffolk County or Nassau County or any other region, our appraisers work efficiently to generate precise appraisal reports, within the committed timeframe. However, if … Continue reading

Builders instructed to cooperate with New York appraisers

Appraisers in New York and other states now hope to give more specific appraisal results for upcoming houses and buildings. NAHB has released an advisory document, which shall assist NY appraisers. The document is basically for builders who are working … Continue reading